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Test Page

We’ve designed your webpages incorporating the incredible Themify software we’re under license to use. The reason for this is simple. Now you can edit your pages (and indeed, create your own) going forward independent of us. For simple information pages, we may just use the normal WordPress Visual Editor. However, for creating custom pages, we use the Themify Drag & Drop Builder.

If you’re new to WordPress, please first see our tutorial on How to Master WordPress & Themify.

This is a page for you to play and experiment on using the Themify Builder. You can make a real mess of it, and that’s okay. This page is not seen by site visitors and it is not indexed by search engines.

There’s probably just one rule. Have fun!

Getting Started

First, watch this video below to get an idea of how it works.

Pay special attention to the concept of ROWS, COLUMNS and MODULES.

Are You Ready?

Now, it’s your turn. Open the Themify Builder on this page as indicated in the video. Have a good look around taking note of ROWS, COLUMNS and MODULES.

Start dragging and dropping to get a feel for how it all works.

Remember, you can make a real mess of this page. That’s what it’s here for 🙂 

There are a few other helpful videos you may want to check out. Simply open the Builder and click the question-mark icon in the Themify Builder toolbar.