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Student Services

Harvest understands that at times, school can be the place that students feel safe and seek assistance for the many struggles that present during this time of their life. Student Services is the department where our Head of Student Welfare, Counsellors and Learning Support facilities are located. This department not only offers assistance to students but can also provide a quiet place to work or talk.

Harvest Christian School, Student Services

Student Services

Student Services provided at Harvest Christian College are extensive. Situated in the Student Services building are:

Head of Student Welfare
Break-out rooms or small group intervention, support or therapy
Chill-out zone
Student Counsellors and Chaplain

Students from Foundation to Year 12 can access the services offered by our Student Services personnel.

Chaplain, Counsellors and Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Our College is structured on the needs of our students as we strive to provide a nurturing environment where respect for each other and ourselves is evident. We place the highest priority on the safety, health and welfare of our students and will take all reasonable steps to ensure students are safe from physical and mental harm while at school.

The role of chaplain is unique. Through participating in the life of the school we look to focus on cultivating a vibrant spiritual atmosphere within the College community, desiring to see students, staff and families thrive in their relationship with Jesus, and confidently know who He has made them to be. 

The chaplain assists and complements the already existing support structures of the Student Wellbeing Team to provide holistic care across the College community.

At Harvest Christian College our Head of Student Welfare supports students’ learning to take responsibility for their own behaviour based on a Biblical worldview that aims to assist the students in seeking wisdom with regard to decision-making, having a transparency of actions, pursuing Godly character and being accountable to those in positions of authority. They work closely with teaching staff, students and family members to identify strategies and systems to support students’ behaviour.

The counsellor supports the management of students with emotional and behavioural challenges, promoting mental health and well-being. The counsellor works as an integral part of the team supporting the well-being of students, staff and family members, liaising closely with the Principal and Assistant Principal, Chaplain and any visiting professionals providing support to the student or school. Our counsellors contribute to student wellbeing and education by supporting members of the Leadership Team as they design and deliver programs across the school. Our counsellors identify, support and refer students who struggle with mental health and related school/family issues for further treatment. They also support teaching staff in the management of these students.

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