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Laying foundations for future learning.

Harvest Christian College aims to provide a nurturing and welcoming environment for all learners and their families. The Foundation year of schooling is vital to setting students up for success in their later years.

Harvest Christian School, Foundation


Creativity & Education

Our program in the Foundation year provides rich learning experiences that allow students to learn through their strengths and areas of interest. Students have access to a range of opportunities to grow in all areas of the curriculum through both play and structured learning time.

Harvest Christian School, Foundation
Harvest Christian School, Foundation
Harvest Christian School, Foundation
A Caring Environment

Harvest Christian College is an environment where teachers:

model Christ living in them
are caring and supportive
are engaging
are highly trained
are dedicated to assisting students achieve their best in all areas
provide excellent education and rich learning experiences
provide opportunities for all students to learn through their strengths and interests
Child-responsive Curriculum

We provide a child-responsive curriculum where learning is facilitated through the context of:

Play – investigation and reflection after play in the classroom and also in our Nature Playground
Investigations – e.g. the weight of things and their capacity to hold water or float
Routines and Transitions – planning together; cleaning up after activities
Focused Learning & Teaching – strong focus on numeracy and literacy

During the Foundation year, our curriculum follows the National Curriculum, provided by ACARA (Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority). Great emphasis is placed on equipping students with the necessary skills that will enable them to flourish in the Secondary School and beyond while teaching through a Christian lens.

In Literacy, we follow the Jolly Phonics program in our Foundation classes to set our students up with a solid understanding of letter sounds and alternative sounds that letters can make. Alongside the Jolly Phonics program, we also use Heggerty which is a program that explicitly teaches phonemic awareness skills and provides daily practice for students to fine-tune their skills. Students are also given daily opportunities to practice letter formation and writing.

In Mathematics, we allow students to learn through explicit instruction and also through play. Students are given a variety of opportunities to practice their learning through the use of different materials and in different situations.

Our Daily Program
Structured Literacy lessons - Heggerty, Jolly Phonics and Handwriting
Structured Numeracy lessons - strong focus on number knowledge
Fruit break
Curriculum focused Play Based learning experiences
Specialist programs
Weekly Learning & Experience Opportunities
Library lessons
Book Making
Music and Art
PE in the Cornerstone Stadium and grassed areas
Science lessons both in the classroom and in our Agriculture Garden
Humanities and Social Science lessons
Health lessons
Harvest Christian School, Foundation
Harvest Christian School, Foundation
Harvest Christian School, Foundation
Harvest Christian School, Foundation

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